Oh, the boob job. Tell anyone the phrase “plastic surgery” and the first thing that pops into most of their heads is a breast implant. The ASPS has released numbers detailing the most common aesthetic surgery that is requested, and it is a boob job by a landslide. There are some things that you absolutely have to know before your go in for a boob job. Make sure you read up on everything, including the risks and drawbacks of it. Know what you are getting into so that you won’t be eaten up by regret afterwards. Thankfully, the procedure isn’t nearly as taboo as it was a few years ago, when women with this surgery were looked down upon and laughed at. Here are some hard facts about the procedure.

Not a one-time thing

Getting a breast augmentation done for the very first time? It definitely won’t be the last time you do it. This isn’t about an addiction to the surgery (that would be a little on the weird side). After a prolonged period of time with your implants, they may actually need replacement. Implants have been known to leak into thee breast, and some have been known to promote the development of scar tissue around them. While they aren’t visible on the outside, the implant is likely to change shape and lessen the aesthetic quality of the implant. This can result in the need for newer implants to be put in. Sometimes, pregnant women who have implants may need to have a quick surgery done to help their breasts develop naturally.

It is expensive

Breast augmentation surgery sure isn’t cheap. In fact, it could cost you upwards of $3,500 and more. This fee could be the cost of hiring the specialist alone! After this, there are other costs that will add to it as well, such as anesthetics, plasters, clinical fees, and more. The price can vary, of course, depending on the reputation of the doctor, the type of procedure, the scale and the country in which it is being done. Breast reduction surgery is different to augmentation, and can take much longer to do because it is more than simply making an incision to insert an implant. This may result in this procedure costing more.

This kind of procedure is definitely going to mean taking a week or more off from work for rest and recovery. You will, however, be able to adjust to the augmented results in no time at all. The procedure is safe, effective, and can be reversed if necessary.

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