Today, Dubai has become a doorway in the international market for a range of investments and various businesses. There are a number of reasons for this top investment destination such as;

– Free trade zones

– Regulations for setting establishments

– Infrastructure and more.

Moreover, given the above opportunities, there are many locals and foreign investors visiting Dubai with the objective of gaining higher returns. On the other hand, Dubai is a hub, which is favorable for carrying out trade. Additionally, the remarkably, developed ports and airports, is an even more stronger point for traders to invest in Dubai.

Moreover, if you search through official websites regarding taxes and custom regulations, you would understand the pros of trading here. As a fact, with lowered barriers, traders of all types are able to engage in higher earning businesses. Some of the commodities that are traded under Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) are gold, pearl, metals and many more. Are you planning on setting a company in Dubai? Here are some pointers to consider when you plan to invest in a business with DMCC:

Type of business setup and activities

If you’ve decided to setup DMCC company, decide on the type of establishment you wish to start such as;

– Limited liabilities establishment (single or multiple shareholders)

– Local of international branch

Depending on the type of commercial activity such as service, trade and industrial, you would be applying for the relevant license. You are entitled for a range of benefits for applying with DMCC to register the company or industry.

Licensing the company

As mentioned earlier, there are different licenses that are issued depending on the type of company and activity of the business. With that said, there are general licenses and specialized or customized structures as well. On the other hand, it’s subjected to yearly reestablishment of terms of the license.

Applying for license

Prior to setup DMCC company, you should follow the above steps and then decide on a name for the company. Afterwards, you would be applying for the license online. You would be guided throughout, with the assistance of an agent. You need to search through the website for the required documents to be submitted with the application. Once you’re application is approved, finalize the other necessary details and commence the operations.

There are numerous business opportunities in Dubai and it’s reported that significant number of establishments are being set up everyday. Therefore, be informed and fully aware of the type of licenses and regulations. Follow the latest news in the market to make a wise and informed decision about your investment in Dubai.

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