We live in a busy world where everyone is always busy working their full time jobs and no one ever stops to give themselves some time to do what they love. It is however very important that you take some time off to do something that you enjoy and try to make some money off it while you are at it. If you are someone who loves designing your own clothes or even upcycling your own clothes, this is a hobby that can help you to make a lot of money if done correctly. Take some time off work from time to time to design some of your own clothing and make them yourself. You can choose to wear the clothes you have made yourself to work. The chances are that you will get many compliments for the clothes if you are good enough and you can even consider launching your own brand of clothing in a small way. If your colleagues love the clothing you make, you could start by marketing and selling your clothing to them after which you will find that their friends and family will start asking about your designs.

Investments and cost involved with starting your own brand

If you have the talent to design great clothes then starting your own brand should not be too difficult. If you know how to sew them yourself, then your only investment will be buying the best sewing machine that will give your clothes a neat and finished look.

If however, you can design but you cannot sew, you will need to invest money in hiring a dress maker in addition to buying the best sewing machine. However, if you are not sewing clothing, then this gives you enough time to design more clothing and also to market your brand.

When you find that many people are asking after your designs and there is sufficient interest in your clothing, you can start marketing it online. You will need to give yourself a catchy brand name that you can market your clothing under. Start a Facebook page and have a few gorgeous pictures of the clothing that you have already done. For this, it would be useful to hire a professional model and a professional photographer in order to get the best pictures for your Facebook page and your Instagram account. It is important that you are well aware of the trends and demands of the market when you are designing your clothing as clothing trends tend to change overnight.

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