When it comes to parenting, there are a 101 things to keep in mind. If you are a first-time parent, it is natural for you to get exceptionally flustered since you are new to the whole experience and are also going through a learning curve of your own. A part of this curve involves a major part of their lives; education. The type of education your child receives has a big influence on them so make your choices wisely. The first stepping stone to this part of their lives involves looking for a good nursery Dubai. This is where many parents tend to panic a little and get confused; but you need not be, because if you know what you are looking for, you can simply narrow down your choices. Here is something to get you started.


As much as being a parent can make you feel like you are on clockwork 24/7, make sure you do not rush this part of it. When your child closes in on an age where they should attend nursery, you should by then have some idea of where you hope to send them. Which means that you should start your research at least a year earlier to give yourself time to visit them in person, speak with the administrators and assess their facilities. The best nurseries do not manifest themselves out of thin air, they are found with a considerable amount of time and effort being put in.


As much as it is important to not rush the process and take your time when researching, you need to apply early. If a nursery is good, then you can bet that all places will be filled up quite quickly and you will end up being set back another year if you are set on that particular option. There are plenty of other parents all looking for the best for their child not just you, so if you want to get in beforehand you need to prep yourself with application forms and any other documentation you might need. Which again reiterates your need to start the process early on so you have plenty of time to do everything.


Well there are two types to choose from. Today, in most household both parents work full-time and unfortunately have to leave their child in someone else’s care, however it must be done. There are both daycares and those that function according to normal term times. The former is open much later till about 6 pm in most cases, so that parents can come after work to pick their children up. Daycares take babies from as young as 3 months old upto 5 years of age following regular curriculum as dictated by the educational institutions of that country. When looking out for the best nurseries in Abu Dhabi, firstly decide on the type you need.


Personal recommendations are more powerful than testimonials from strangers can be. Testimonials can also be made up on the website just to make the nursery look good so you cannot be too sure of them. Ask parents around your area for their thoughts and ideas, as well as friends who may be parents and have been through the same experience. If you get several recommendations for one place, it would be worthwhile checking it out. Make a time for personal visits and have a look for yourself!

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